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Sage Fixed Assets offers four modules that give the flexibility to manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle from acquisition to transfer and disposal.

Sage Fixed Assets

Gain a better understanding of your fixed assets. These four modules comprise our complete fixed assets management system and give you full visibility and control.

Sage Fixed Assets Complete Solution calculates depreciations accurately, organizes your assets clearly, and logically, and creates custom easy-to-understand reports. Take control and boost productivity to grow your business. 


Take everything into account when planning. Manage as many projects as you need, regardless of type or size. 


Utilize more than 50 depreciation methods to manage your entire fixed asset life cycle. Prepare year end financials confidently. 


Eliminate lost or stolen assets and reduce insurance costs or tax overpayments if possible. 


Generate custom reports and get a full inventory of your assets inventory across your business. 

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