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Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is a fully integrated business intelligence and data management solution that helps organizations make informed decisions based on real-time data. It empowers all users with a simple interface to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner and eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills.

Sage Data & Analytics

Business insights start with data management

Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) is a powerful Business Intelligence toolkit for Sage 100cloud that delivers actionable financial and operational report to drive increased revenues, cost savings, and competitive advantage.


With SD&A, you get an out of the box multi-stream BI and analytics solution that is quickly and easily configured to your business and requirements when integrated with Sage 100cloud.

Sage Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Data Management for Sage

Gain visibility & insight

Measure the impact on your business - Get an enterprise-wide view of your organization - Report on real-time data using multiple platforms: Web, Excel & Mobile - Manage data from disparate systems (on-premises and cloud)

Collaborate securely

Share important information with all stakeholders, in a secure manner  - Accelerate distribution of information across your business - Add comments and highlight items - Schedule distribution of reports based on conditions and triggers

Manage your data

Manage data from multiple sources using the extract, transform, load (ETL) process. SEI DataSync is ideal for companies that want to: - Migrate data from legacy systems - Consolidate data between disparate databases - Centralize multiple data sources into a data warehouse 

Empower all users

Self-service BI gives all users access to data and helps them make decisions faster, without relying on IT. - Create new reports and dashboards - Customize any report - Set up sharing options - Access data from anywhere - View in multiple languages

Sage Alerts and Workflows

Make Smarter, Data Driven Decisions

Sage Alerts and Workflow is a unique combination of data mining (monitoring), alerts, reporting, and workflow technologies that automatically monitor and respond to critical information in ERP, CRM, HRM, and related applications. An advanced warning system that monitors business systems to identify critical interventions required and generate reporting to drive timely decision making and automates communications to the right people to intervene.

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Crystal Reports

Design and send out quality reports

Save time and still create quality reports. With Crystal Reports there are ready made reports or samples that can be used to display your information. You can still edit the reports exactly the way you want by, editing the text, font, coloring, and images. 

Customizable Reports Include: Aged Invoice, Check History, Trial Balance, Vendor Listing, Bundled Reports, Customer Listing, Sales Analysis, Salesperson Commission, Operation and Financial Reports, Item Listing, Item Reorder, Stock Status, Item Valuation, Maasterfile Listing, Code Detail, Analysis by Cost Type, Billing History, Work in Process, Purchase History, Open PO by Item, Open Purchase Order, All Bundled Operational Reports Including Invoicing and Shipment Processing

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI / Sage Intelligence Tool

Power BI is an analytics tool that pairs up with Sage Software. Power BI has the capability to provide data in a way that is easier to understand. Collaborate with co-workers to create a dashboard display that is beneficial for everyone.

FRx and F9

FRx and F9 are softwares that are no longer able to be purchased. For those of you that still operate under these we are able to help and service FRx and F9. If you have questions, please contact us!

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